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Why Hire A Professional Cat Sitter?
Pet owners have a real dilemma worrying about what to do with their cat(s) while traveling or working long hours.  Cats, in particular, do not handle change well.  Using a kennel or boarding facility can be very stressful for your cat(s), and finding a reliable neighbor, friend or family member can be difficult.

Hiring a professional cat sitter will give you peace of mind that your cat(s) is in their own environment when you are away from home.

With Safe At Home Cat Sitting your cat(s) will stay in their own familiar, comfortable and secure environment, avoid exposure to illness from other animals, follow their usual routine and diet,  and receive loving, individual attention from one person.  In addition, your house will look like someone is home, adding extra security.

I do not hire other cat sitters so you will know exactly who will be in your home and caring for your cat(s).